Private Residential Lease Agreement



In Thessaloniki, today ______ of the month _________________ of the year _______ between

 1) The Société Anonyme “151 REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT SOCIETE ANONYME” and the distinctive title “151 REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT S.A”, with Registrar no. 146692201000, TIN 996966711 and e-mail address [email protected], based in Athens, at 124b Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, as legally represented by the Managing Director Mr. Isaac-Sakis Leon son of Maurice (hereinafter referred to as the “lessor“),

2) ____________________________ son/daughter of _________________, with TIN no. _______________ and e-mail address ________________________, resident of _________________, at __________________ str. no. ____ (hereinafter referred to as the “lessee“)


3) ____________________________ son/daughter of _________________, with TIN no. _______________ and e-mail address ________________________, resident of _________________, at __________________ str. no. ____ (hereinafter referred to as the “guarantor“)

the following are agreed and mutually accepted:

  1. Object of the contract. With this private lease agreement, the lessor undertakes to grant the lessee the use of the property and the lessee undertakes to pay the rent, in accordance with the specific terms hereof.
  2. Relations between the Contracting Parties. The relations between the contracting parties are regulated by a) the terms of this, b) the Regulation of the Building (hereinafter “Regulation”) as applicable, the full text of which has been notified to the lessee and has been accepted by him / her and it is available at the website and is an integral part of the contract between them, c) the instructions, i.e. any written or oral direction and suggestion of the lessor and / or the manager of the building given through their legal representatives and / or their authorized associates and concern the rights and obligations of the lessees and third parties for the use of the building (apartments and common areas) and the surrounding area and d) the law. All the provisions of the above under a) to d) are considered essential by the contracting parties and any breach of the obligations provided in them constitutes a ground for termination of the contract.
  3. Property. Property means the apartment _____ on ______ floor of a multi-storey building, located in Thessaloniki, at Al. Papanastasiou no. 63 (“Project 151”), owned by the lessor, the floor plan of which is published on the website
  4. Rent. The monthly rent is set at _______________ euros and ________ cents (______, ___ €), increasing by two percent (2%) for each subsequent year of the first rental year. Especially for the 1st year, due to special offer the rent is set at the amount of ________________ euros and ________ cents (______, ___ €). Rent payment due date is set on the first day of each rental month, i.e., the start date of the lease and each subsequent month in the day which corresponds to the number of the day of the start date of the lease, and if there is no corresponding number, the last day of the month, until the end of the lease. It is specifically agreed that the monthly rent will cover the expenses of using the property throughout the lease, i.e., those related to electricity consumption, water supply, sewerage and wireless internet access services, as well as the costs concerning the cleaning and maintenance of common areas and elevators, the use of the Fitness Room and its equipment, the Lounge, as well as the parking and charging area for bicycles and electric scooters. Especially for the apartments of the fifth (5th) floor of the building, the rent also covers the exclusive use of the part of the terrace defined by the lessor.
  5. Use of property. The property will be used exclusively as the residence of ___________________ son/daughter of _____________ with TIN _____________ and e-mail address ________________________.
  6. Manner and proof of payment of the rent. The rent is paid by debiting the debit / credit card, the details of which were registered by the lessee for the payment of the guarantee during the booking process through the lessor’s electronic platform at the electronic address The periodic debit of the card for the payment of the rent as defined herein, will be made by a relevant service provider. The lessor does not retain any details of the card with which the monthly rent is paid, and bears no responsibility for processing them. The payment of the rent will be proved either by a document in printed or electronic form, which will be issued by the aforementioned debit service provider of the above debit / credit card, with which the lessor is contracted, or with a receipt of a deposit in a bank account of which the lessor is the beneficiary. Any other means of proof regarding the payment of the rent, including proof with witnesses or affidavits is excluded.
  7. Duration of the lease. The duration of the lease is set to ____ years / _____ months. Start date is set to ____________________ and end date is __________________.
  8. Deposit. The lessee paid to the lessor an amount (deposit) of ________________ euros and __________ cents (_____, ____ €). The deposit is withheld by the lessor for the duration of the lease and is returned to the lessee at the end of the lease or immediately after its termination in any way. The lessor may unilaterally set off any claim against the lessee for damages caused by the latter to the apartment, equipment, common areas and utility equipment, with the claim for the refund of the deposit. The offsetting of the deposit with due rents is absolutely excluded in any case.
  9. Guarantor. The guarantor, who unreservedly declares that he / she resigns from the benefit of discussion, is also responsible for the actual and proper payment of the rents by the lessee.
  10. Type and modification of the private residential lease agreement. The written form is defined as a component of the contract between the parties. Modifications to this can only be made in writing.
  11. Applicable law – Competent courts. Greek law is applicable for the regulation of relations between the parties. The courts of Thessaloniki are exclusively competent to resolve any dispute between them.

The lessee filled freely and after negotiations, by hand fill in the blanks in the following statements, which were not a condition for the conclusion of the lease agreement:

  I PROVIDE MY CONSENT for the processing by the lessor of the personal data that they receive in the context of this lease agreement but also any other legal relationship with them, if the processing concerns the exercise of rights and the fulfilment of obligations, legal or contractual, arising from the legal relations between us.

   I PROVIDE MY CONSENT for the use by the lessor means of monitoring and recording of the common areas, for the purpose of the safety of the persons and the premises, as well as for the observance of the obligations for protection and good use of common areas and common equipment.

For the present lease the Energy Performance Certificate 158039 / 15-6-2018 – ΝΥ6ΤΧ-0ARYW-50CP1-D has been issued. The lessee takes upon him/her the obligation to accept, in no later than two (2) days from the signing of this, the registration of the details of this lease by the lessor in the electronic platform of GIS-AADE (TaxisNet).

This lease was written in five (5) pages, read and accepted by the parties, and is signed by them as follows and each receives one identical copy.

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