Lifestyle in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is home to many Colleges and Universities. It has a vibrant and active student community of about 120,000 people. As the city becomes a commercial, transportation and high-tech hub, it is an ideal place for networking and business. So, it has an ever-increasing number of young professionals choosing to live here. Unique nightlife, great food, lots of cultural events and a friendly lifestyle to students and young people, make it the perfect place to study and work.

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Our unique lifestyle building is located close to the center of Thessaloniki, with easy access to all major Universities and Colleges, companies and businesses, major attractions and locations, as well as the football and basketball courts of the most important teams of the city


Yassou, have a drink!

The city has ample choices of areas to relax over a drink with colleagues, have a gastronomical meal and feel the vibes of bursting nightlife.

The “Ladadika” district, dotted with bars, restaurants and clubs is a must visit spot for just that. This one-time bazaar is named after the shops for the trade of olive oil and soap that flourished once in the area.

Gastronomy, at its finest

You are bound to relish unique exotic gastronomical dishes in this city with the rich historical past. Dishes from Pontus, Armenia, Turkey as well as the influence from the Spanish-Jewish cuisine, give the city its unique cosmopolitan nuances.

Combination of Work and Fun

Thessaloniki is famous for its festivals and unique cultural events. It is not a such a big city which makes it ideal for students and young professionals to combine fun with work or studies.

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