The neighborhood

Project 151 is located in Kato Toumpa, a safe neighborhood where many families of Thessaloniki choose to live due to its safety, the proximity to the city center, easy public transportation, many shops and hospitals located in the area.

The history of the name of Project 151

The name of Project 151 derives from the old name of the neighborhood. “Settlement 151” was located in that area before WWII. It was created after the great fire of 1917, with the unification of 50 plots, bought by the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki, to house fire victims who had been left homeless. The center of the Settlement was at the intersection of Papanastasiou and Kleanthous streets. It was the largest settlement of fire victims and had about 7,000 inhabitants. Its name came from the Italian military hospital “0151” that was located in the area during World War I, when the “Army of the East” was stationed in Thessaloniki.


Public Transportation

There are several bus stops at 100m from the building. You can travel to any location in the city of Thessaloniki and the surrounding region on one of the 75 bus routes.

You can use the widget below to find the desired bus route.

Location information:
Alexandrou Papanastasiou 63
Bus stop:
Dimotiko Vrefokomeio (Δημοτικό Βρεφοκομείο)
Bus lines: 10, 58


Always find what you are looking for

Everything you are looking for is located on the Project 151 premises or around it in a short distance from it. On the ground floor you can be served by the largest supermarket in the area. Relax with your drink or lunch in the cafeteria of our building. In addition, nearby you will find pharmacy, ATM, mobile phone shop, computer repairs, bakeries, restaurants and cafes.

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